FKOF Un/Known02


There Is A Better Way

Shutnizza x FatKidOnFire


N-Type & Surge – Stampede EP

N-Type & Surge - Stampede EP (WHEELYDEALY046)


Tunnidge (photo by Luiza)

Soundboys at Loftas Fest

Dovi & Nikita

30 minutes of Mala

30 minutes of Bass education #5

No longer on the Sidelines

Vaun (photo be FiftyOne27)

New Music

FKOF - New Music

Malleus – FKOFd012

Malleus - FKOFd012

Eva808 – ENC001

ENC001 - Eva808

“Big rims, dirty Southern grammar and corn bread”

Drew's Theory

Subaltern Records x FatKidOnFire

SUBALT006 test press competition

“That whole ‘Dubstep is dead’ thing”

Encrypted Audio

30 minutes of Distance

30 minutes of Bass education #4

Skeptical – Echo Dub / Chain Reaction

Skeptical - Echo Dub / Chain Reaction (TEMPA092)

207 – The Sin EP

207 - The Sin EP (PORK015)

Indiji x FatKidOnFire


Leon Switch – Deadlock / Persepolisia

Leon Swith - CHST033


FatKidOnFire Presents #14 - Silkie

30 minutes of Goth-Trad

30 minutes of Bass education #3

New Music

FKOF - New Music

Soundproof – FKOFd011

Soundproof - FKOFd011

“There are always going to be Ups & Downs”

EshOne x FatKidOnFire

Demon – Demon EP

Demon - Demon EP (WHEELYDEALY45)

Cris Fern – The Groove

RIP Cris Fern

Lost – Body Bag EP

Lost - Body Bag EP (RVR002)

30 minutes of Cyrus

30 minutes of Bass education #2

Truth – How Strange EP

Truth - How Strange (Tempa085)

Contemporary bass music with a Classical twist

Mantra Music's MANTRA001

The Curation of Quality Content

Digital Tunes

30 minutes of Loefah

30 minutes of Bass education #1

Juss B – FKOFd010

Juss B - FKOFd010

The SubPac S1

SubPac controls

Versus: Round 1

Versus: Round 1

Win tickets to Outlook Festival 2014


The Art of Selection

Gristy - DMZ (FKOF recap)

The Mine at SUPYNES 2014



FKOF Presents 12 - Bakir

A Hungarian Revolution

‘Dubstep is here to stay’

DJ Gomes

Ain’t no party like a Rotterdam party

FKOF x Blendits

N.O.W Is The Time

Nightmares On Wax - N.O.W Is The Time (WARPCDD248)

Truth – Hollow World

Truth - Hollow World [FKOF Review]

Leon Switch ft. Toast

FatKidOnFire Presents #13 - Leon Switch ft. Toast

New Music

FKOF - New Music

Kloudmen x FatKidOnFire

Kloudmen (David in focus)

The Algorithm – Octopus4

The Algorithm - Octopus4

Asylum – UA006

Asylum - UA006

Quest x FatKidOnFire


Sleeper – Mass Transference EP

Sleeper - Mass Transference EP [FKOF Review]

Content – FKOFd009

Content - FKOFd009

“I no longer limit myself”

Nomine (photo by Ben Donoghue Photography)

Kiroku 001 at The Silver Bullet



Chimpo (in silk robe)

The Voice of The Party

MC Swift

Alpha Steppa – TRIGRAM03

Alpha Steppa - TRIGRAM03


FatKidOnFire Presents #11 - N-Type

Remembering Cris Fern

RIP Chris 'Cris Fern' Ferrantello

New Music

FKOF - New Music