Tumble Audio x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Tumble Audio x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

It’s been a while since we had a proper Label Highlight feature here on FatKidOnFire – but today’s addition is about as in-depth as a label highlight should be (in our opinion anyway).

Introducing Nottingham’s Tumble Audio, below you’ll read a detailed interview with label-head/ Tumble spokesperson/ Tumble resident DJ Hank Limit, along with an hour’s Tumble x FKOF mix and finally a FKOF free download from three of the label’s key artists. Enjoy…

Tumble Audio x FatKidOnFire

Easy Hank! All well? All is very good, got two days off work now, so happy days. 

Most of the FKOF followers will know you as Goli from your dubstep production days in the Goli + Ashburner outfit – when did you decide you wanted your own label? Since I met Mike (Ashburner), we have always been interested in releasing music, especially local and unsigned talent. Back in 2007 we started our first label (For The Win Records), it was a great time back then, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing, and we were just putting out music we thought was good for free with no plan or agenda.  After 4 or 5 free releases, unknowingly, we had grown quite a bit of a following and decided to start doing digital releases. We managed to do 14 releases altogether and put out music from the likes of Magenta (one half of Nanobyte), Adam Prescott, Swarms, Metaphi, Antics, Shredexx (aka Bardeya) and Mr. Sleepz, all of whom are still going now in some capacity, so I am really proud of the roster we developed. We also had a release lined up from Biome called ‘No Tomorrow‘ which was going to come out as our first vinyl, but we got seriously fucked over by the company which was formed after Load Media folded, but I won’t name names or go into that. To be honest if the vinyl had dropped I wonder if I would still be doing For The Win today, but I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and I am very happy with what we doing with Tumble Audio right now. 

So this isn’t actually my first label, but the lessons I learnt from working on an independent label from such an early age have been invaluable to the development of Tumble. To give you a quick run down on how Tumble Audio came around, it started at the end of last year, at the time I was being sent a lot of really good bass music which varied from 130 – 140bpm but all with a firm direction towards the dancefloor. Sergic and Lyka and I were working on some music at the time and got talking about doing a label together, so we came up with the name Tumble Audio. From there we got Majora and Killjoy involved, and got enough material together for the first four releases. It’s all come together pretty naturally which has been really good and I am excited for the projects we have coming up. 

Given your ‘heritage’ with the sounds you two were known for, where did the focus of Tumble Audio come from? When dubstep started to grow and expand it was fascinating to see how it developed, I don’t think anyone could have anticipated its meteoric rise to prominence in the dance music world. As time went on working within dubstep, I felt it was getting further and further away from what it was originally about – just a dark room, with a huge soundsystem and a pair of decks. In the early days the music was paramount and everything else came 2nd to that. As time went on, huge productions, shit soundsystems and mid-range tunes became the dubstep standard and dubstep just was not dubstep anymore in my opinion.

Dubstep has a massive place in my heart and will always do, as it was the first electronic music I truly felt passionate about, but I was tired of it, so with Tumble it gave me an opportunity to explore different tempos and instead of saying ‘we are just doing dubstep’ or one particular sound, we can do anything. That’s why we broadened the focus for Tumble – to anything from house to garage, to grime to techno. The only Tumble Audio rules for music is that the tune makes everyone in the room wave their hands above their head, shouting ‘Woop Woop’ uncontrollably until they pass out or have to take a disco nap. 


The label’s had a fairly meteoric rise in popularity, with a string of hugely well-received releases. What’s been the highest point running the label for you so far? The label is still very much in its infancy, I am really happy and humbled by how it has been received so far, but I think we still have a very long way to go until we establish ourselves in such an over saturated bass music scene. The highest point so far has to be getting Majora’s ‘Boss Key’ EP to number 1 in the Juno Download Garage / UK Funky charts, that was a real slap in the face for me that Tumble Audio had a lot more potential than I ever thought it could.

Another highlight has to be being invited onto Rinse.FM with Marcus Nasty (which will be happening on Wednesday 12th June, 7pm – 9pm). I grew up listening to Rinse so to be given the opportunity to play on there representing my record label and sound is definitely the highest point of my entire musical career. 

What’s been the lowest? Have there been any downsides for you yet? As a label and event we try and stay as level headed as possible and learn from any mistakes that we make along the way. All we want to do is bring party music to the people, so if we achieve that in any way it’s hard to feel low about it. 

Any plans for vinyl releases in the future? Have you got your eyes on any future signings – or anyone you can tell us about? As I mentioned earlier, we had a very bad experience with dipping our toes into the vinyl market for the first time. I’ve also helped run Mimm Recordings for the last couple of years where we put out a number of vinyl releases. All I can say regarding vinyl is I love the format and will forever support it, but it’s fucking expensive to do and for the amount of time, effort and money you put into making it a success, it’s just not worth it for the return on every level. Big up to anyone who has done it successfully, but vinyl is definitely a market I am not looking to return to anytime soon haha! 

With regards to future releases, I am very excited to announce our next EP which is by Killjoy and is entitled ‘Memories’ EP, featuring two cracking remixes from Caski and Notion. After that is TUM005 which is going to be a solo EP from Tumble founder Sergic entitled ‘Jedi’, which includes his ridiculous remix of Majora’s ‘Boss Key,’ a collaboration with Killjoy and also a couple of remixes which I can’t t say too much about right now. Then for TUM006 we are bringing in some really fresh talent from outside of Nottingham and you will find out about that very soon. 

Gyalist Riddim. Tell us a bit about that… Basically someone from the Tumble camp made me a dubplate for my birthday last week, as a joke and I made a couple of promo videos out of it and it seems to have been received pretty well. The sample ‘Girls from Nottingham’ is actually MC Fangol who is a local MC, he didn’t actually say that phrase, but someone cut up an acapella they had of his to make him say it. The tune itself embodies everything Tumble is about, party, bass, fun, dance floor music and obviously gyals from Nottingham. 

Your events already have quite an awesome reputation – what’s the secret to a Tumble dance? When’s the next one? I have been running events since I was 16 years old and still to this day am yet to be able to come up with a formula of how to run a successful event. In my time as a promoter, I have put on some truly memorable parties and also some of the worst nights of my life! We have had four parties so far and they are building in attendance, but the vibes have always been top notch, when we put on parties it is for the party goers, we want people to actually go nuts and have a smile across their face the whole time. Pure ‘dance like no one’s watching’ business. 

Killjoy’s a fairly prolific member of the Tumble Audio family. Tell us about the FKOF free download you’re giving away? You may or may not know, Killjoy is the grime/ funky alias of Ashburner aka Core, he makes so many tunes it’s hard to keep up with him, but he is a blessing to work with and a very talented producer. He was working on a ‘Bulletproof’ remix about a month ago and it was sounding good, so given the fact that the Sergic & Lyka ‘Bulletproof’ EP dropped at the start of this month, we thought what better track to give away than a completely in-house production, so here you go. It was actually only finished this weekend just gone, so it’s a dubplate for everyone. How nice of us haha! 

Any final thoughts? Or shoutouts? Shout outs:
Big up Killjoy, Sergic, Lyka, Majora, Caski, Notion, Nativ, Boofy, Joel, Luke, Trends, Timbah, I Killed Kenny, Filthy Vicars, Marcus Nasty, Jook10, Soul Serious, Sunday Roast, Nottingham Bass, Spooky, Madame X, Hi5 Ghost, Sly-One, Fable, Congi, Youth Oracle, Bru C and everyone else repping and supporting the Tumble Audio sound.

Thank you to The Bodega in Nottingham for letting us throw our raves there. Big love to our Rubberdub Soundsystem family. And also a big thank you to Wil from FKOF for the feature.

Final Thought: Don’t be a dick. 

A pretty apt final thought from Hank! If you’re jumping in straight for the music, find the mix and FKOF free download below. If these aren’t enough, Tumble Audio is teaming up with London’s Bass Lounge for an event in Nottingham in a few weeks. Find the details here (or click on the flyer above).


Track list:

  1. Congi – Words
  2. Core – Total Control Zone
  3. Subreachers & Kiev – Crystal Clear
  4. F – Full Throttle
  5. Sergic & Lyka – Hackers
  6. Headhunter – 3 Mad P’s
  7. —Headhunter – Royal Flush
  8. Dismantle – Times Up
  9. Silencer ft. Skepta, Newham Generals & Spyda – Modern Warfare
  10. Davinche – Phase Up
  11. MRK1 – Daywalker
  12. Plasticman – Violent
  13. Sticky ft. Tubby T – Tales of The Hood
  14. Dullah Beats – Dullah Boss (Mr V Bossman remix)
  15. D.O.K – East Coast
  16. Ruff Sqwad – Top 3 Selected
  17. Wiley – Ice Pole Remix
  18. Wiley ft. Riko Dan – Ice Rink
  19. Silencer – Wizard
  20. Teddy Music ft. Kozzie & Scrufizzer  – Down With Us
  21. Royal – T – Inside the Ride
  22. Mr Virgo – Hypnotiq
  23. Wizzbit (aka Geeneus) – Old Skool 2
  24. Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover BaBaBa
  25. R1 Ryders – Hydraulics
  26. DJ Pantha – London Hype
  27. Lorenzo & Hannah Wants – Dappy
  28. Majora – Boss Key
  29. Killjoy – Memories
  30. Killjoy – Inaudible Badness
  31. Killjoy – Tangle
  32. Boofy – Nank (Nativ remix)
  33. Killjoy – Memories (Notion remix)

Click to DOWNLOAD 320

Korrupt’s review:
“The aggressive intro really stands out, quickly setting the tone for the listener; this is a warpath riddim.

“Killjoy uses heavily adapted patterns which fluctuate at every interval. The continuous repetition of the low end wobbles are supported by Sergic & Lyka’s vocal coming through the mix like bullets. The great implementation of the gun samples reflect the twisted mind of these three forward-thinking producers.

“Tumble Audio representing!”

Tumble Audio

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