Disquiet Mind x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Disquiet Mind x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

After the success of ARtroniks’ EP last week (check it if you haven’t yet, three stellar tunes in there!), FatKidOnFire is back with the first compilation EP of 2013.

Teaming up with young label Disquiet Mind, we’re pleased to present ‘Convergence Volume 1’. 7 tracks from the DQM roster, all up for free download in 320. Enjoy!

Korrupt’s review of Dee:See’s ‘King Kong’:
“Dee:See creates great atmosphere through the use of spacious sounds, building up to a great climax with an interesting lead that develops throughout the intro. The ‘King Kong’ sample fits well and the drop is heavy! The resonating bassline leads the way – with superb underlying low-end.

“The percussion is layered neatly, while there actually aren’t that many elements involved. Panning on the hi-hats is a great adaptation; keeping the sound fresh. All elements have their own space in the mix, with the dub-sounding lead giving ‘King Kong’ some extra vibe. The delay used in the mix is splendid, if you listen carefully you can hear a constant delayed sound in the background of the break.

“The second drop hits as hard as the first, but subtle changes in drum patterns and the flow of the basslines bring the difference.  The soundscapes in the background evolve and disappear in an appropriate way – and ‘King Kong’ ends with a few bars of straight-in-your-face low-end!”


Korrupt’s review of Stemplate’s ‘Burn It’:
“The creepy intro really leaves a mark, with the ‘Burden’ sample fitting well with the vibe Stemplate is trying to create.

“The drop is full of weight and a big arsenal of wobbles that would set off the dancefloor immediately. The low-end comes forward in the mix perfectly, with a warm and vibrant sound. Percussion-wise, this tune is an example of a large amount of percussive elements that layered and placed neatly within the mix!

“This tune reminds me of Sukh Knight’s style a lot, because there are a lot of different wobble-patterns involved to keep the tune fresh. The kick is really poppy while the snare is snappy, making it a hard and heavy hitting combo. The dub-vibe coming off the tune is great, where delay plays an important role in the mix and Stemplate uses panning to a neat effect. The second drop sounds quite different, proving ‘Burn It’ is a quality production containing a lot of energy that will murder the dancefloor!”


Korrupt’s review of Dips’ ‘Welcome To My Garden’:
“The intro of ‘Welcome to My Garden’ sounds very organic, with a delay adding to the atmosphere of the tune. The trumpet at first sounds like a bit like a flute, developing into something that adds much to a beautiful little build up. With these spacious sounds fading away, the listener only has a very short time to realize they’re heading into an intense journey full of surprises.

“The tune’s drop is beautiful, where the off-beat percussion and the hypnotising synth make ‘Welcome To My Garden’ really unique. Dips uses amazing variations in percussion, warm low-end and an elevating mid-range to take ‘Welcome To My Garden’ to another level. The kick and snare work together perfectly, giving the other elements their own space to evolve into something stunning.

“The break is in the perfect spot, with the trumpet tickling the listener’s eardrums yet again. The second drop sounds wicked, great development on the percussion and drum patterns. The high tones can’t be missed and continue to elevate the listener to the end of this beautiful journey.”


Korrupt’s review of P-Note’s ‘Dream Box’:
“The intro sounds quite surreal – with breakbeat patterns kicking in. The glitch elements are well implemented and fit well with the track P-Note has produced. The low-end supports the build-up before it all comes together and the first drop arrives.

“The drop is heavy with a deep and vibrating low-end which P-Note controls – but it’s hard to figure out where the boundaries are for the mid-range, as everything blends together. The percussive elements could be more present: from the background to a more upfront position. Their composition and placement is top-notch though, everything is packed nicely and fits together. 

“The break contains a great number of spacious elements; boundaries are crossed and this tune really becomes the ‘Dream Box’. The second drop is heavy, with great development present. The elements then slowly come to an end. 

“The diversity of sounds present in ‘Dream Box’ are amazing, everything comes together – this is an amazing production by P-Note!”


Korrupt’s review of Kiev’s ‘Phobia’:
“‘Phobia’ starts strong with intense percussive elements hitting hard. Kiev intelligently places the all of elements, building a unique sound. This approach is the strength of this tune, there are no intense soundscapes in the intro but there’s a strong focus percussion-wise. A complex sounding sweep hints a heavy roller is incoming…

“The drop is out of control; the low-end is highly meditative, coming in with full force while the percussive elements set the pace along the way. The kick and snare are a deadly combination together, both nicely layered and in place – and the patterning of the kicks are lethal! Kiev continues to build the intensity with implementation of some spacious sounds like the deep rolling bassline.

“The break is short and characterised by a pad transforming while the low-end continues to roll through. The second drop is heavy yet again, showing serious development (when compared to the first). The resonating bassline continues to flow through the mix without remorse. Kiev slowly tears the tune down by removing elements one by one – definitely showing he’s one to watch out for in 2013 with his sub-driven productions!”


Korrupt’s review of Seraph’s ‘Black Cloud’:
“‘Black Cloud’ opens with an out-of-tune synth that morphs until it disappears, followed by complete silence until the drop hits. The drop is rough, with a range of elements kicking in – some of which sound similar to the Kromestar/ Coki sound. The synth’s progression is insane; constantly changing while some spacey sounds set in – taking over the mix like space invaders! 

“It can be hard for the listener to distinguish between certain sounds as the synth is so present and upfront. However, the kick and snare are nicely layered – and the intense hi-hats come forward nicely. The low-end sounds weighty, but can be a little repetitive as the track progresses. Variations on the percussion sound on-point where they reinforce all the other elements present.

“The break really builds up with the elements disappearing before everything kicks back in with the second drop. New elements appear and more spacious sounds are added, making ‘Black Cloud’ one mental tune. This is one of those tunes that destroys the dancefloor without a doubt – a huge production from Seraph!”


Korrupt’s review of Aftee & Xytek’s ‘Chronicles’: 
“A synth settles into the mix combining with well-implemented pads to create an intensely creepy vibe. The kick comes forward nicely, leaving serious damage and accentuating the pace of ‘Chronicles’. The vocal sample then fades out nicely right; before the drop.

“The drop is weighty, with the deep and vibrant low-end elevating the tune to a whole different level. The minimalistic percussion gives the low-end room to breath, while the creepy pads continue to develop. Different low-end patterns start coming through, combining with the rolling basslines to really get the listener going. A vocal sample comes in and fades away while the break kicks in.

“The sub-region plays an important role during the break, bringing the sample back in before the listener heads into the second drop. New sub-patterns are added, rolling through with repeating percussion.
This sound system shaker ends with some serious soundscapes and one more play of the sample. Watch out for this is being dropped in the dance – it’s lethal!”


Disquiet Mind

Peace, love and respect.


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